CfA: Become a Youth Ambassador for the GBC in Riga, 27-30 October, 2022

Do you think politicians should listen to what you as a young European have to say? Are you interested in meeting other like-minded peers that are passionate about a better representation of youth and their ideas? Are there creative new thoughts in your mind on how to make our society more sustainable and future-proof? Then apply now and join one of our four clusters to discuss these ideas as a Youth Ambassador at the German-Baltic Conference in Riga from 27th to 30th of October. Europe shall hear you and that is why we are primarily interested in your ideas and your creativity! No prior knowledge needed!


This unique project aims to bring together about 40 young people from all over Europe and the Baltic states to discuss the crucial impact of sustainability for the future of the EU. The Youth Ambassadors have the chance to work together within four respective clusters, visit online lectures given by experts and write a policy paper, which will be shared with local, national and EU politicians.


Join one of our four clusters:

  1. A) “Sustainability and Consumption”: How can we decrease the impact of our everyday consumption?
    B) “Sustainability and Digital Systems”: How can we handle the negative sides of innovation?
    C) “Sustainability and Nature”: How can we face the climate crisis without having to resort to exploitation of humans or nature?
    D) “Sustainability and Democracy”: How can civil society contribute to sustainability?


You want to become a Youth Ambassador? Then check out further information on the application call on our website and apply now!


Share with us your ideas because #EuropeShallHearYou!


Anastasija Baranovska
Projektkoordinatorin / Project Coordinator

Deutschbaltische Studienstiftung / German-Baltic Academic Scholarship Foundation
Das Deutsch-Baltische Jugendwerk / German-Baltic Youth Office

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Anastasija Baranovska
Projektkoordinatorin / Project Coordinator

Die Deutschbaltische Studienstiftung setzt sich für Austausch und Verständigung zwischen jungen Erwachsenen aus Deutschland, den baltischen Staaten und Russland auf den Grundlagen von Demokratie und Menschenrechten ein. Dazu vergibt sie Stipendien, veranstaltet Seminare und Kongresse, vermittelt Praktika und fördert die Vernetzung ihrer Stipendiaten und Teilnehmer durch die Alumniarbeit. Vor dem Hintergrund der gemeinsamen Geschichte will sich die Stiftung zu einem Deutsch-Baltischen Jugendwerk („DBJW“) weiterentwickeln.

The German-Baltic Academic Scholarship Foundation engages in exchange and understanding between young adults from Germany, the Baltic Countries and Russia. Its activities are based on democracy and human rights. For this purpose it awards grants, organizes seminars and congresses, mediates internships. Because of the shared history the Foundation is moving to become the German-Baltic Youth Office (DBJW).