Invitation to our workshop: Time management and how to set goals


Dear friends and partners,

We hope your year 2023 started well and you are full of new ideas and aspirations.

As for the German-Baltic Youth Exchange Network, we have great news to share with you:

As promised, we will hold our first Online-Workshop and kick-start our format, "XChange".


On the 26th of January at 6-8 pm EET, we will tackle "Time management and how to set goals". On-point when it comes to kick-starting a new year!

The workshop aims to work on a dilemma, problem, or challenge you face in your youth organization, learn to set goals, and plan your time more efficiently. At the same time, we are practicing active listening and essential coaching skills.

We are glad to have the Coach and Facilitator Liis Tamman on our side. She is an accredited EMCC coach and trainer. She believes that the basis of a functioning team is trust and the courage to take responsibility. The most important thing is to develop people's problem-solving skills through training in active listening and asking questions. In addition, she believes that each person is capable of setting and implementing meaningful goals!

If you are interested, here is the link to register:

Your GBYEN-Team


Lara Löser

Head of the German-Baltic Youth Exchange Network

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