SoMu Newsletter

SoMu Newsletter #2 – 16.04.2014

All SoMu students successfully completed the first leg of their international Master journey in Kaunas and are about to start the second semester in Mainz. Herzlich willkommen! The entire SoMu Faculty Team also seizes the possibility to warmly congratulate Frederik Bissinger, a first-generation SoMu student who was awarded with the Vytautas Magnus University Encouragement scholarship for his extraordinary academic achievements.

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SoMu Newsletter #1 – 15.10.2013

The Institute of Northern European and Baltic Languages and Cultures (SNEB) is glad to announce the start of the International Master in Sociolinguistics and Multilingualism (SoMu), a joint degree master study programme co-organised by the Johannes Gutenberg-University, the Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas, Lithuania), the University of Tartu (Estonia) and Stockholm University (Sweden).

SoMu is the first study programme in Europe focusing on the social aspects of language use and multilingualism in the entire Baltic Sea region. “In this programme we do not concentrate on multilingualism in the terms of national languages and the languages that have an official status in the European Union, but we rather pay attention to the diversity of languages, some of which belong and some of which do not belong to the ‘standard package’ of languages taught in schools”, says Anneli Sarhimaa, the Professor of the SNEB. She and Nora Kruse, the DAAD financed SoMu programme coordinator in Mainz, just returned from Kaunas where they together with colleagues from the partner universities welcomed the first generation of the SoMu students who started their two-year studies the 1st of September. In the summer semester the students will study in Mainz. The third semester they will spend either in Tartu or in Stockholm, and the fourth will be studied at the university of the main supervisor of the MA thesis.

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